in-stock 5G Circulators

All of our 5G circulators are listed below and can be ordered directly from our website.

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Single junction Circulators

Dual junction Circulators

Frequency (GHz)Model NumberIsolation (dB)Insertion Loss (dB)VSWR1-2425-99100+Availability
2.00 - 6.00D3C2060140.81.50:1$695.00$665.00$630.00In-Stock!
2.00 - 8.00D3C208091.82.10:1$795.00$760.00$720.00In-Stock!
3.00 - 6.00D3C3060180.51.30:1$350.00$335.00$320.00In-Stock!
3.40 - 4.20D3C3442200.41.25:1$350.00$335.00$320.00In-Stock!