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DiTom Microwave is an AS9100 Rev.C/ISO9001:2008 compliant manufacturer. We achieved our AS9100 certification to revision C and maintain our QMS accordingly. Our most recent AS9100C certificate can be seen below.

As AS9100 revised to D, we elected to maintain our QMS to revision C. With a 5 year trailing RMA percentage of 0.17% and OTD performance of 98.4% companywide, and an RMA/OTD performance of 0%/100% for all of our Hi-Rel military and space qualified customers to date, we see no need to fix what isn’t broken. As 3rd party registrars will no longer support certifications to revision C of the standard, we have moved our classification from AS9100C certified to AS9100C compliant.

We continually improve our quality companywide through careful quality objective tracking and periodic internal audits of all of our processes followed by regular management reviews. Our goal is to deliver defect-free products 100% on time, all the time.

If you would like to know about our QMS or would like to review our QMS documentation, please contact us at


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