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DiTom Microwave's manufacturing capabilities are separated into 2 main categories:

  1. COTS (Commercial-off-the-shelf) Manufacturing
  2. High Reliability Manufacturing

Our COTS manufacturing processes are proven, cost effective, and ensure on time delivery. Our products have outstanding MTBF. We have strategic vendors who supply us with specific raw materials. We then have the ability to kit, assemble, tune and test our ferrite components to meet our customer requirements.

We take the COTS manufacturing process even one step further by enabling what we like to call "Bench-Stock." We pre-assemble large volumes of our ferrite isolators and circulators to meet our COTS product offerings. When a customer has a requirement, we can match his/her frequency range only needing to tune and test the components as these are the final stages of manufacturing. This allows for an extremely quick (2-3 days) delivery process to the end customer.

  • Stock to 2 Weeks ARO for all COTS products
  • Broadband product line ideal for labs and quick turnaround testing needs
  • Narrowband SATCOM devices typically can ship within 2-3 days
  • Instant customer service on all RFQ's, PO's and technical related questions
  • Test data and datasheets are available for all inquires
  • High power application designs are excellent for all Cell/PCS/LTE-4G/WLAN/WiFi/WiMAX bands


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